Announcing Joinder for Legal Project Intake

Your team's workflow in Joinder is now complete

Today’s Joinder update adds a powerful new feature for legal departments: Intake, triage and tracking of projects directly from your company’s chat workspace, starting with Slack.

From the reactions of our initial testers so far, we expect this to have a big impact on how law departments operate.

First, here’s how it works:

1. Any member of your Slack workspace can find the intake form in the shortcuts option in any channel or chat, and they complete the form with details about their request; they can upload documents, like contracts to review.

2. Each request goes into a dedicated intake and triage workroom on Joinder, which is shared by the legal team. In that workroom requests are assigned and prioritized.

3. Once the request is assigned, the responsible attorney can immediately open a new workroom, choose an applicable Joinder template, and go. They can read out progress and status in the intake workroom.

Project intake has always been a point of pain for corporate legal departments. Some matter management and homegrown solutions do have intake forms, but they’re hard to find and not connected to the systems, like Slack, where the business actually operates. Nor are those intake solutions connected to the tools and systems where the legal team executes on projects, using the checklists, forms and records that represent the legal team’s playbook.

Others have tried to shoehorn legal-intake workflow into other tools, like Jira, that may be well suited for software development and customer service, but disappoint when applied to legal intake. Those systems are difficult to customize for legal matters, don't handle documents well, and overexpose privileged conversations to the entire organization. When it comes to legal intake, generic solutions don’t cut it.

Today's release is also important because it completes Joinder’s vision for corporate legal workflow across these four steps:

Accept requests directly from the business via your existing platforms;

Prioritize, assign and track projects in a dedicated space for the legal team;

Execute projects collaboratively using customized playbooks across practice areas; and

Organize and store work product in a system of record.

Our next task is to integrate Joinder’s intake solution with other platforms, allowing you to bring project requests into the triage workroom from Gmail, Outlook, Teams and Salesforce. This way the legal team is always available to clients in the most convenient way, but the team can still prioritize and track all requests in one place.

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